Saturday, April 14, 2018

My Life is My Achievement....

Rukshana Hooda had been just a home maker for 25 years. When her health started to fail her She went back to doing what she used to enjoy as a young girl, Painting. She was a Semi Abstract Artist with a Foundation degree from Sir J.J. School of Art and was armed with a Diploma in Textile Design from Sophia College, Mumbai. Rukshana revisited her core and realised that she had not lost her ability to create in Semi Abstract Paintings which are pertaining to designating a style of painting or sculpture in which the subject remains recognizable although the forms are highly stylized in a manner derived from abstract art.
According to her The biggest challenge, which She finally overcame, was to find her own space and get back to creativity whilst being a full time homemaker.
Also health was on a decline but was able to overcome all of it and get back to art and art shows, to see every day as a challenge, to heal, to be able to do more and better art, to win awards, to be motivational which she feels  is a tremendous BLESSING.
She says ~ My Awards are a sign of being appreciated as an Artist, people do recognize me as a Professional Painter and is blessed to have this opportunity to express herself through her Paintings. According to her a total cloud nine feeling is to be recognized and to be alive through her art. She says visiting homes of Families, Friends, Collectors and seeing her works displayed there and being appreciated inspires  her to create more and paint better… !
Winning The Jubilee Arts for Western India was The Biggest Honor and One of her Best Achievement so far...TOUCH WOOD...!!!
According to Rukshana her family has been her greatest strength.
Rukshana feels  seeing her Awards and Certificates She feels more impassioned to Paint better…!!!

Her favorite quote that also applies to her life ~Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas, Believing,  is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality & that Masterpiece is your Life....!!!!


Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas.. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality and that Masterpiece is your Life....!!!!

Winning in The Jubilee Arts for Western India was The Biggest Honor and my Best Achievement so far...TOUCH WOOD...!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Rukshana Hooda Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Thanks for spending time with my paintings..Thanks for stopping by...!!!"
Ref No. : 8198.
Artist. Rukshana Hooda.
Title.: Passion
Size : 24" by 24"
Medium : Mixed Media.
ABOUT THE PAINTING. This is an Abstract painting depicting Love, Togetherness, Unity, Unison, Bliss.
Year. 14th April 2013.
Signed by the artist.Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity.Yes.
Location.Mumbai. India

Copyrights reserved

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine Day's Special ~ Luv is in the Air.

Hello Friends, 
Some Paintings that you may love to gift your loved one's this Valentine.
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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jubilee Arts 4th Feb 2018.

Artist : Rukshana Hooda
                                 Location : Mumbai, India.
                                 Semi Abstract Artist.

Jubilee Arts is a new international programme established during the Diamond Jubilee year to celebrate the global Ismaili Jamat's vast artistic skills and cultural traditions. Whatever your creative passion — painting, architecture, filmmaking, dance, or musical performance — Jubilee Arts will unleash and celebrate these talents in countries all over the world.     

This was held on 4th feb. 2018 at The Fine Arts Society Fine Arts Cultural Centre, Chembur East, Mumbai, India

Hello Family and Friends, I am a Semi-Abstract Visual Artist, For those who wish to know about Semi-Abstract ~ A Semi Abstract Painting is pertaining to or designating a style of painting or sculpture in which the subject remains recognizable although the forms are highly stylized in a manner derived from abstract art. 

My Artworks, For The Jubilee Arts 2018 are My Aspiration depict Devotion, A Legacy, Celebration, Happiness, Joy, as i feel so blessed to be able to express through my Paintings.
Title : "Celebration" which is a Harvest of the farmers who are singing, dancing and celebrating their yearly harvest after a long toil and here i was so lucky to witness and be part of their celebration, it was Simply divine…!  
Their Devotion enthralled me, i was in awe with their candor. Lovely to be with such wonderful, simple, clear hearted magnanimous people
. I was so inspired that as soon as i returned from my trip  just decided to paint their celebration which is so colorful with a lot of warmth. Their harvest means so much to them  and we have a lot to learn from these simple villagers. In these Paintings I have shown their merriment, they enjoy with simple musical instruments.

Their Simplicity, Innocence, large-heartedness, warmth, Love, is so unique, so wonderful, a Charm by itself in being naive.  These painting are so close to my heart as they depicts just Love, Warmth, Togetherness all of that missing in today's time and era. These abstract terms so difficult to express and that is what i tried to capture on my canvas. Their Celebrations begins at twilight and goes on till the wee hours of dawn, the sun and moon lit their path, hence the warm colors.
The Panels of Semi Abstract works depict being lost in Music, the tranquility is expressed in warm and cool colors. Music is food to the soul and it changes the mood, making one more happier, rejuvenated, Enthralled.
The colors are vibrant, warm and yet serene.
 Copyrights Reserved ©.

 Thank you for going through my Artworks for your time and Patience...!!!

And Finally The Surprise Element ~The Award by Jubilee Arts 4th Feb 2018, A Prestigious Moment with Butterflies in my stomach...
As everything in Life is Momentary, Only Hard work pays, 

And The Show must go on.... 

 My Artworks and Me ..

These series are about spiritualism in a warm & cool color scheme.My thought process was hymns, bhajans, ginans, quasida's, Sant Mat whereby those are sung melodiously but the actual musical instruments are missing likewise a comparision between melody, spiritualism, going in a trance, serenity, peace....
Likewise the similarity between a semi abstract painting where the subject gets hidden in the stylized art forms.
Felicitating Our Indo Canadian Abstract Artist Naeem Sachidina by Our Western India In Charge 
Nourin Panjwani.. 
 Our Fabulous team travelled all the way from Pune @ 4 am to be here doing Just Honorary Service & helping us all to Make this programme a Marvellous success, A Royal Salute to them indeed...!! 

Support and Love from My Family and alwayzzzz 

 Thank you Judges...!!! With Judges Dhananjay Thakur Mamta Sharma Heena Sharma Shreyas Dhongde — with Dhananjay ThakurMamta Sharma Artist and Shreyas Dhongde at The Fine Arts Society Fine Arts Cultural Centre, Chembur East.
Thank you Judges...!!! With Judges Dhananjay Thakur Mamta Sharma Heena Sharma Shreyas Dhongde — with Dhananjay ThakurMamta Sharma Artist and Shreyas Dhongde at The Fine Arts Society Fine Arts Cultural Centre, Chembur East. 

 With Our Judge Naeem Sachedina Thank you straight from Our heart and Soul.

With Our Indo Canadian Judge Naeem Sachedina and 
Maheen Sachedina Thanks for your time And your Patience, Thank you for being there..

Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Journey, My Aspiration, My Time, My Legacy, My Love, My be continued....

All Paintings listed here are Only My Sold Works and found their New Homes with The Most Awesome people...!   

My Earliest Painting that i sold.....

This was Sold through my etsy site....!!!
Earlier i had a varied genre, when i began painting, now i just get back to what lures me the most, my style in my series pertaining to Semi Abstracts or Abstracts...!
For Those who wish to know the meaning of a Semi Abstract ~ pertaining to or designating a style of painting or sculpture in which the subject remains recognizable although the forms are highly stylized in a manner derived from abstract art.

 Sold Many Buddha Paintings earlier too, some through my sites, some through exhibitions....

I don't know whether it's colors or genres that got me attracted then...later i did a series on Abstractism of a Peacock feather, as i am fascinated with these colors and sold quite a few of these again through my sites and my exhibitions...


With Shaheen and Naushad Furniturewala

That's Me ~ Rukshana Hooda

Writing this takes me back to 2005....a series on India and Indian women were painted and sold ...!!!

In The Collections of Hotel Trident 

Many Warlis were displayed in my various exhibitions, sold, were take away by friends and loved ones who wanted to give as gifts to their loved ones....!!!

Mythology being in India was and is a top priority, hence these sold all the year around ....

I was so inspired by Flowers, Trees, Birds, Animals, Nature, beauty around me hence landscapes lured me to create My Semi Abstract Genre, hence sold these and then i went to abstractism tooo, surreal....


In The Collections of Mrs and Mr Contractor



Sold to Furniturewalas

In The Collections of Masuma And Mustaq Kapadia 

In The Collections of Mayur and Nisha Kamdar


Loads of Sceneries were created in a row and sold...!!!

Sold to Rupani's Canada 

With Art Collectors Samira and Altaf Rupani





In The Collections of Amit Punyani, UK

My Favorite Genre finally emerged as My Charcoal rendering in a Semi Abstract form..!

                          Sold to Nishi Suri 

In The Collections of Tazim Kassim

In The Collections of Gul Malani

In The Collections of Bela Gajar 

Sold to Alishya and Imroz Rupani

                        Art Collectors Aditya Tendulkar and Rima Naik                           

 Sold to Mrs and Mr Agarwal

Rukshana Hooda is a Semi Abstract Artist and would like to discuss art with interested people, Curators, Art Lovers, Art Collectors, Art Critics, Art-Inclined People, anyone who Loves Creativity & works of Art, exhibitions, biographies, views, events. For Ruks her Deepest Passion has always been her Art and now she has chosen that as her medium of living.
1975, 1976 Foundation Sir J.J. School of Art Mumbai
1976 - 1978 Diploma in Text. Design  Sophia Coll. Mumbai.
About The Artist : Rukshana derives inspiration for her work from nature and the world around her, nature in its own self has always absorbed her expression in its beauty, its serenity and its solitude that transcends feelings beyond mortal boundaries. For Rukshana beauty holds no form, she endeavors to capture and create its essence on her easel.
Words by Rukshana...I am a perpetual student of learning, still a child, learning, un-learning and re-Learning, that quest for knowledge will forever remain. Most of my artworks speak volumes on eulogy about Creation. I also Love Music, and am totally lost in there which also inspires me to paint.My Art Works are Semi Abstract, are eco-friendly and they speak volumes about nature and environment. My Medium is Mainly Charcoals, with Texture and Acrylics. I feel my Paintings depict new Beginnings, a chance to re-live in the beauty and bask in the glory of nature...!!! I am totally blessed to have this opportunity to express myself through paintings. I love it when people say my artwork enhances their lives.”
Lines from an Art Critic : "Her subject is never a story but a lyrical and takes you in a world of fantasy which is sublime in nature."
Whilst Viewing her Art-works turn on all your senses and let life make its impact on you.
Artists Statement  :  " I prefer to fill my canvases with my love, emotions and energy so viewers can enjoy it for many years later & also Wish to be remembered as an  Artist who always SMILED...!!!"

Her Paintings are in the Collections of Many in Canada, UK, USA, Britain, New Mexico, Australia, Miami, Pakistan, India.