Monday, April 6, 2009

My Exhibition UTOPIA

I had a recent exhibition here @ Ronak art gallery, Mumbai,i met fellow artists, art collectors, frds from college days, well-wishers, family, loved ones....The topic for all those 8 days was ART, GOSH......i explained what i did, y, what got me was a WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL WEEK, SO THAT WAS THE TOPIC, FROM TURBULENCE TO TRANQUILITY, BLISS, DAILY CHORES, TOGETHERNESS, UNISON, PEACE, A MESSEGE THAT ALL MY PAINTINGS CARRIED....i loved it, & am delighted to do that,loads of women here in India, do commit suicide, due to supression, lack of education, joint families, money, in-laws...etc& i just wanted to give the messege of educating one's self, help, care, share, & to voice their opinions, so it can be like by voicing your opinion, you are helping yourself, hence helping the family, the society, & the nation by large......A crtics anylisisHi ,"The Critic has to educate the Public,The Artist has to educate the Critic" Oscar Wilde.Well i m not that expert to comment on ur paintings but yet some angle frm my point of view ur Silhouttes of women is striking in their honesty. In their whitted simplicity , rendering cynical feel suggesting our safe havens are rarely as benign as we presume. A medic looms over an unconscious women who in her docility implies certain level of victimization, leaving one to wonder.....Ur landscape surpises me of ur potray as silver sun effect is somethig wimsical ....Thats all keep it up!Success always at ur footstepsbye

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