Friday, November 30, 2012

India Art Festival

India Art Festival is the most awesome, rocking India's Contemporary Art Fair held every year,
This year it was bet. 28th Nov to 2nd Dec 2012
I simply loved the Amazing Art-works, of Upcoming, new, senior, and renowned artists ~ a place for art, art lovers, art galleries, art collectors, art connosiers and simply those also who love, enjoy and cherish beauty...!!!
Heaven on Earth...!!!
Inauguration by Sir Jogen Chowdhury...!!!
My Friend Veena Sharma since the good old college days...
Friends displaying art...
With Sir Charan Sharma, Nimisha Sharma, Veena
                         With Sir Prithvi Soni, Artists Laxminarayan Sharma, Veena...

                                   With Sir Vinod Sharma...                                                                   


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