Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Villages of India by Rukshana Hooda

I Love my India, hence have created many artworks on this series...!!!

Artworks in Charcoals, Acrylics, Texture, all created by Rukshana Hooda.

Lines from an Art Critic : "Her subject is never a story but a lyrical and takes you in a world of fantasy which is sublime in nature." 

Copyrights all reserved.

Travelling to the most exotic places all over India, gives me a high, going near the sea, river, brook, Watching the sunrise, sunset, clouds, nature has always fascinated me...!!!
I keep Watching people admiring nature or lost there, doing daily chores, all near the sea or river...that is so soothing, quiet, peaceful & serene, hence tried capturing it on my canvas...!!!