Friday, December 5, 2008


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ABOUT THE PAINTING. Hues, This is a Painting showing love, passion, togetherness, color, life, It shows untold stories, of passion, of the young army officer who wishes to spend tender moments with his beloved, of an officer who is called on duty, & has given his life serving the country, his name may not be told to many, he too has wishes, he too wants to live his life, he too desires, but it is a story un-revealed, untold he has left for eternal abode...Dedicated to all our Uniformed Officers.... & yes, India, Mumbai, where i stay was attacked by Terrorism, we saw blood-shed of innocent ppl, bomb-scares, fire, Many ppl all over the world shared their grief with us, & i take this opportunity to thank all. now the terrorists are caught or shot, but innocent ppl. & many officials lost their lives, saving us & TODAY We salute the Brave Officers , Commandos,who laid down their lives in protecting us n our country including.... HEMANT KARKARE, ASHOK KAMTE, VIJAY SALASKAR, GAJENDRA SING & SANDEEP UNNIKRISHNAN. Pray 4 our forces who r still fighting the terrorists without thinking about their lives n family just for us & i have firmly decided a certain percent of all my Paintings will be contributed to the Army~~~ i am a Proud Indian ~~~JAI HIND!
Ref. No.11.
Artist.Rukshana Hooda.
Medium. Acrylics on Canvas.
Year. 28th. May 2008.
Size.10 by 12 inches on a canvas board.
Original.Yes.Only One available.
Signed by the artist.Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity.Yes.
Location.Mumbai. India.