Saturday, March 12, 2016

Inspirational Woman: Rukshana Hooda

 | Semi Abstract Visual Artist, RuKsRtZ.

Posted On 11 Mar 2016

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently
Rukshana Hood FeatureI am an artist/painter and like to discuss art with interested people, curators, art lovers, art collectors, art critics, art-inclined people – anyone who loves creativity and works of art, exhibitions, biographies, views and events.
A Semi Abstract Painting is pertaining to or designating a style of painting or sculpture in which the subject remains recognizable although the forms are highly stylized in a manner derived from abstract art.
I have gained a Foundation degree from Sir J.J. School of Art Mumbai and a Diploma in Textile Design from Sophia College, Mumbai.
Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote
I would love to travel all over the world with my art and would love to have an art gallery to promote new artists.
What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?
The biggest challenge, which I finally overcame, was to find my own space and get back to my creativity whilst being a full time homemaker.
What has been your greatest achievement personally?
I am totally blessed to have this opportunity to express myself through paintings. I love it when people say my artwork enhances their lives. Especially when my art collectors tell me they love and enjoy my artworks on their walls and send me pictures of themselves decades later with my paintings! That’s a total cloud nine feeling – to be recognised and alive through my art.
If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?
I would have had a hotel, café or a roadside inn as my creativity inspires me to try out various cuisines. I love to cook too!
Who has been your biggest inspiration?
I was in awe of M.F. Hussain, who I have met once at the traffic signals and he had persuaded me to get back to my art and painting, which I finally did. Now I am here as an artist. Now my two lovely children Zahra and Amyn are my pillars of strength, my inspiration, my critics, my love and my world.
What does the future hold for you?
More artworks, more canvases, more colours and more travel…
About Rukshana:
3Rukshana derives inspiration for her work from nature and the world around her. Nature in its own self has always absorbed her expression in its beauty, its serenity and its solitude that transcends feelings beyond mortal boundaries. For Rukshana beauty holds no form, she endeavours to capture and create its essence on her easel.
She is a perpetual student of learning, still a child; learning, un-learning and re-learning that quest for knowledge will forever remain. Her deepest passion has always been her art and now she has chosen that as her medium of living. Most of her artworks speak volumes on eulogy about creation. Rukshana also loves music and am totally lost in there, which also inspires her to paint.
Her art works are semi abstract, eco-friendly and they speak volumes about nature and environment. Rukshana’s medium is mainly charcoals, with texture and acrylics.
She feels her paintings depict new beginnings, a chance to re-live in the beauty and bask in the glory of nature.
Lines from an Art Critic : “Her subject is never a story but a lyrical and takes you in a world of fantasy which is sublime in nature.”
Whilst viewing, her artworks turn on all your senses and let life make its impact on you.
Artist’s statement: ” I prefer to fill my canvases with my love, emotions and energy so viewers can enjoy it for many years later even when I am gone and also wish to be remembered as an artist who always smiled!”