Friday, September 26, 2014

Jjietes~ Our Annual Group show of Students from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, India.

Welcoming you all to the Sir J. J. School of Art Annual show ~ Sept. 2014 Venue : Dinanath Dalal Art Gallery, Andheri Sports Complex Andheri-W, Mumbai 400053. 23rd-29th Sept 2014.

 Happiness all the way....!!!
Shhhhh.....In Action, Pin drop silence...The Dean....!!!!

 Welcoming all, inauguration time...

 With Guests, Faculties, Professors, My Sir Salve...all spending some wonderful Moments....!!

 Speech...leaving all speechless....

 With Kajal Gaitonde, Daniel David Talegaonkar, Friends, Colleagues....!!!
 With Kajal Gaitonde, Daniel David Talegaonkar, Friends, Colleagues....!!!

Art, Artists, Creativity...all the way...
With Kajal Gaitonde, who is the mastermind to make this show a gr8 success....& with the Student of the new batch JJ ....all Future Rocking Artists of India....!!!

 With Artists, Art, Friends amidst Creativity....!!!
 Welcoming all...

Inauguration Time...With Faculties & my Sir Salve....w-o-w...great memories...Nostalgia...!!!!

 Refreshment Time....
All Smiles...
 Flowers all the way....
 V all Rocked.....!!!
 All of us The Magnificent, Rocking Team, The Dean,Faculties, Professors, Students, Past, Pressent, Future Gr8 Artists of the World....!!!
What a Mindblowing event...a must see, do go through the most wonderful art-works by all Artists from Sir J. J. School of Art...!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Life is a truly Blessed...!!!

My Life is a truly Blessed...!!!
I am a qualified designer from the Sir J.J. School Of Art & Sophia College, Mumbai, Friends and  family lovingly calls me ’Ruks’ and have been dabbling in art for the past 24 years.   Before i found myself in the world of canvas and colours  i worked for Resham Creations as a Designer, freelanced with Laxmi Vishnu and as an honorary Teacher for Art/Craft/Calligraphy with The Fidai Institute, conducted classes for students for The Elementary and Intermediate Art Exams.
I am a mother of two, despite an undying passion for the arts gave way to the rigors of my motherly instincts and left my brushes to rest, only to reinvent myself after nearly a quarter of a century. Overcoming an uncertain beginning, the overwhelming response to my paintings on fabric, canvas, thick cartridge etc, inspired me to start off with a new collection of miscellaneous paintings depicting my passion, my mind and my talent in my own style.
I derived inspiration  from nature and the world around me, nature in its own self has always absorbed my expression in its beauty, its serenity and its solitude that transcends feelings beyond mortal boundaries...... Human forms, seemingly shapeless boulders, colorful clouds and green landscapes that transform on paper, plates, canvas, marine-ply, teak, etc. For me beauty holds no form, i try to capture & create its essence on my easel....
I create an assortment of genres, from free flowing abstractions, contemporary landscapes, soulful etches (charcoal), humanoid forms, Warli art to more traditional Moghal-Art and historic depictions.
For me  family has been the biggest inspiration and my two children and  loving husband who continue to support and encourage me to go on.
I was a Home Maker for many years, till My Kids cajoled me to Painting after seeing a Sketch of mine on the last page of their Home work book,
That did it, My son Amyn, a Fashion Photographer now, told me “You just  can’t be sitting at home, cooking, cleaning, and being our mom, U gottu paint for others walls and create history, dated 13th feb 2005.”
During my 1st Solo Exhibition, My daughter Zahra, helped me with the entire PR, news paper listings, including a short program featuring me on TV.
Well, The only reason to take breaks was my ill health, my surgeries.
But now touch-wood am perfectly fine...!!! 
My shops Name is very precious, I have been called Ruks by all, as that was my nick name given to me by my Grand mom & My Maternal Uncle, whom i loved dearly. He kept calling me an Artist, saying i am creative, this word i didn't even fathom at that tender age, but years later, during the opening of my 1st Art show, my aunt said, Today you have done your Late uncle Proud, by then My Maternal Uncle expired due to Cancer, He kept calling Me an Artist for as long as he lived......
Hence the Name ~ RuksArts.....!
Myself & Art ~ I love that special moment when ​ ​you dip a brush into colors and lay it down on the canvas. Shaping colors and creating textures and spaces excites me so much. It's a magic coming from so long ago, back to when I received as a gift my first watercolor set.
It was love at first sight. Hence I knew it we'll never draw apart.​ But then, in school i never felt i would be a Professional Artist. 
Since my first attempts​, ​I realized how important painting was to me: it filled my afternoons, after classes, and I could create my own universe with just a glass of water and a brush.​ That pushed me to a Dream world, let my imaginations run.
​That's that natural way I always tried to ​​approach my art work.​
The result is a relentless search for an expressive method, experimenting different art techniques and accurately selecting materials which allow my work to be unique, fine and long-lasting.​

Words by Rukshana ~ I am a semi abstract visual artist, following my instincts I’ve been self-creating my own genre in charcoals, texture and acrylic on canvas. I believe that Art is the communication of knowledge and experiences.
I have used charcoal in my construct as this is where we all come from and I believe in the adage, ashes to ashes, dust to dust! We will all eventually return to where we have emerged. I am also inspired with the five elements of nature, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void.
I try and incorporate it in all my Art, and it forms the basis of my communication. In my mind Colors are like the rewards of life that one receives from the universe and so they are always bright and alive for me. Colors also create a sense of positive energy in contrast to the stark charcoal that I use to form the blueprint of my thoughts, from darkness to light.
I respect and embrace all feedback to my work, sometimes even I am surprised by the way people interpret things and that keeps me going. For me… It’s the journey of evolution and imagination that I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to experience and I’ve enjoyed it the most. My Awards are a sign of being appreciated as an Artist,( I am painting since 25 yrs) people do recognize me as a Professional Painter and am blessed to have this opportunity to express Myself through My Paintings. According to me a total cloud nine feeling is to be recognized and to be alive through My art. I feel visiting homes of Families, Friends, Collectors and seeing My works displayed there and being appreciated inspires me to create more and paint better. I feel ~ We all aspire for something, if we pursue that with all our devotion and give it time; I believe that the universe will conspire and help us create our own legacy. When that happens and the circle is complete, it’s our duty to thank the Universe for its gift.

Whilst Viewing My Art-works turn on all your senses and let life make its impact on you."

Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas.. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality and that Masterpiece is your Life....!!!!

 My Adorable kids, Our Darling, apple of our eye, Our sweetheart Roufes....

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beautiful Women

Hello and thank you for stopping by! 
Ref. No. 7. 
Artist. Rukshana Hooda. 
Title. Beautiful Women. + Frame.
Category. Painting. 
Medium. Mixed Media on Thick Cartridge. in charcoals  & Acrylics with frame.
Year. 2006. 
Size. 11 inches by 15 inches. 
Signed by the artist. Yes. 
Certificate of Authenticity. Yes. 
Location. Mumbai. India. 
ABOUT THE PAINTING. This is a Charcoal Etch with colors, SHOWING WOMEN, BY THE SEA-SIDE depicting nature, a hint of gold, a UNIQUE COMPOSITION, very soothing .. 
This is Framed.

Copyrights Reserved.
This is the ebay link ~

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Villages of India by Rukshana Hooda

I Love my India, hence have created many artworks on this series...!!!

Artworks in Charcoals, Acrylics, Texture, all created by Rukshana Hooda.

Lines from an Art Critic : "Her subject is never a story but a lyrical and takes you in a world of fantasy which is sublime in nature." 

Copyrights all reserved.

Travelling to the most exotic places all over India, gives me a high, going near the sea, river, brook, Watching the sunrise, sunset, clouds, nature has always fascinated me...!!!
I keep Watching people admiring nature or lost there, doing daily chores, all near the sea or river...that is so soothing, quiet, peaceful & serene, hence tried capturing it on my canvas...!!!