Saturday, May 12, 2012


Welcoming you all to My Forthcoming Solo Art Show "Transcendent"

between 16th. May to 19th June 2012, Displaying Affordable Art.
Timings 10 am to 10 pm.
Artists :~ Rukshana Hooda.
Venue : Kohinoor Continental,
Andheri - Kurla Road, J B Nagar,
Andheri East,
Mumbai - 400 059
Tel:- 67693618/ 66919000
Rukshana Hooda.

I am Displaying My favourite genre "Abstracts in Charcoals, with Acrylics and Textures."

Being a Women and my Life's experiences put together, i feel Loads of Women are exploited, i just want to create an awareness, ...Wish i could eradicate bride burning, dowry deaths, female infanticide, bribery, un-necessary killings, arrest Global warming, stop felling of trees, stop killing animals and birds, Love yourself and others, Preserve nature, Love Your Beautiful Surroundings, This Mother Earth, which is so Amazing so inspiring, so beautiful, cherish it...!!! Its very unfortunate that in Our Beautiful World, there are fights, killings, assasinations, bloodshed, all in the name of The Creator and We are HIS Creation.

-- A dear friend, art critic, of mine once said, You should author a book called "The brush that speaks" and i feel, Painting on My Canvas is my Life,my Book, My Journey and yes I was born to be an Artist, it was my Destiny!! With art we can speak to each other as human beings all over the world; regardless of the language we speak in our daily life, art is a universal thing – it binds people together, it creates bonds between people from all over the world, it expresses feelings that we wish to share, it tells us stories we like to hear, gives us insight into life. Whilst Viewing My Art-works turn on all your senses and let life make its impact on you...
Education is part of Life & before I reached the Modern Education System I never knew the world is divided according to Colour, Race, Religion, under the same sky, sun, moon and on the same planet !!

This is The Owner across Kohinoor Continental where i used to have my Tea and some snacks....
Lovely Tea, i must say...!!!

Some Art Works...

Charcoal Genres, an all time Favorite...

With Mukesh Trivedi, Senior Photographer DNA.
With Megha Rasik Desai, Art Collector who is the proud owner of My Favourite Painting, "Fire and ice"

My Favorite Painting, "Fire and Ice"
With My Youngest Art-Luver, My AdorableWell Wisher, My Youngest Art Collector, Shagufta Mulla.

With Artists, Art Curators
With Sai from Kohinoor Continental

With Dear Friends...                                     
With Friends Kesvinder Singh Suri and Mandeep Suri
With Barkha Mishra...