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Artworks for Sale...!!!

ArtWorks by Ruks, ~Rukshana Hooda is a Semi Abstract Artist from Sir J. J. School of Art and Sophia College, Mumbai, India and would like to discuss art with interested people, Curators, Art Lovers, Art Collectors, Art Critics, Art-Inclined People, anyone who Loves Creativity & works of Art, exhibitions, biographies, views, events...!!! 

For those who wish to know about Semi-Abstract ~ A Semi Abstract Painting is pertaining to or designating a style of painting or sculpture in which the subject remains recognizable although the forms are highly stylized in a manner derived from abstract art. 

Rukshana N. Hooda ~ Painter/ Semi Abstract Visual Artist 

A qualified designer from the Sir J.J. School Of Art and Sophia College, Mumbai, 
Rukshana Hooda lovingly called ‘ruks’ by friends and family has been dabbling in art for the past 24 years. Before she found her own in the world of canvas and colors Rukshana has worked for Resham Creations as a Designer, freelanced with Laxmi Vishnu and as an honorary Teacher for Art/Craft/Calligraphy with The Fidai Institute, conducted classes for students for The Elementary and Intermediate Art Exams. 

Rukshana, a mother of two, despite an undying passion for the arts gave way to the rigors of her motherly instincts and left her brushes to rest, only to reinvent herself after nearly a quarter of a century. Overcoming an uncertain beginning, the overwhelming response to her paintings on fabric, canvas, thick cartridge etc, inspired her to start off with a new collection of miscellaneous paintings depicting her passion, her mind and her talent in her own style. 

her work, her inspiration… 

Rukshana derives inspiration for her work from nature and the world around her, nature in its own self has always absorbed her expression in its beauty, its serenity and its solitude that transcends feelings beyond mortal boundaries...... Human forms, seemingly shapeless boulders, wonderful clouds and green landscapes that transform on paper, plates, canvas, marine-ply, teak, etc. For Rukshana beauty holds no form, she endeavors to capture and create its essence on her easel.... 

Rukshana creates in an assortment of genres, from free flowing abstractions’, contemporary landscapes, soulful etches (charcoal), humanoid forms, Warli art to more traditional Moghal-Art & historic depictions. 

her dedication 

For ‘ruks’ her family has been the biggest inspiration and it is her two children and her loving husband who continue to support and encourage her to go on. 
her thoughts 

Thoughts and words from the Artist...MY LIFE IS A MIRACLE... 

ruks feels her life is based on ~ What you sow, so shall you reap and what goes round comes round...!!! 

...Was working @ Resham Creations as a Designer, 

@ Laxmi Vishnu as a freelancer, 

@ Searock as a Front office receptionist, 

As a Teacher for Art /Craft/Calligraphy in an Orphanage 

And in a Health Spa too……!!!! (named Zahra) 

Words by Rukshana...Am influenced and inspired by the Books i read, & the more i read the more inspired I am… 
...Wish i could eradicate bride burning, dowry deaths, female infanticide, bribery, unnecessary killings, arrest Global warming, stop felling of trees, stop killing animals and birds, Love and Preserve nature, Love thyself, Your Beautiful Surroundings This Mother Earth, which is so Amazing so inspiring, so beautiful, cherish it hence all of that is displayed somewhere in my Artworks. 
I am a perpetual student of learning, still a child, learning, un-learning and re-Learning, that quest for knowledge will forever remain..... 
I also Love Music, and am totally lost in there which also inspires me to paint.. 
My Art Works are Semi Abstract, are eco-friendly and they speak volumes about nature and environment. My Medium is Mainly Charcoals, with Texture and Acrylics on Recycled eco-friendly Handmade Paper, or Stretched Canvas. 
Its very unfortunate that in Our Beautiful World, there are fights, killings, assassinations, bloodshed, all in the name of The Creator and We are HIS Creation. 
Education is part of Life and before I reached the Modern Education System I never knew the world is divided according to Color, Race, Religion, under the same sky, sun, moon and on the same planet !! 
We are each like individual fish, swimming in a watery world, separate yet connected to each other as the great ocean of consciousness flows through us, so why the discrimination...!!! 
I feel my Paintings depict new Beginnings, a chance to re-live in the beauty and bask in the glory of nature...!!! 
Beauty has no form still I try to capture and create it on my canvas... 
"I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to express myself through paintings. I love it when people say my artwork enhances their lives.” 
Lines from an Art Critic : "Her subject is never a story but a lyrical and takes you in a world of fantasy which is sublime in nature." 
This little canvas, is my book, i am no orator, no writer, no poet, hence i express...WITH MY BRUSH.... 
.. i feel, painting is my Life, which has helped me to understand myself better. 
I was born to become an Artist, it was my Destiny!! 

Artist : Rukshana Hooda 

1975, 1976 Foundation Sir J.J. School of Art Mumbai 
1976 - 1978 Diploma in Text. Design Sophia Coll. Mumbai 
SOLO EXHIBITION : Gallerie Leela @ THE LEELA KEMPINSKI, MUMBAI, INDIA ~ 17th Jun – 23rd Jun. 2011. 
SOLO EXHIBITION ~ Svenska Hotels, Oshiwara, Mumbai ~ Feb 1st to 29th Feb. 2012. 
SOLO EXHIBITION ~ KOHINOOR CONTINENTAL ~ 16th May to 18th June2012. Andheri-East Mumbai. 
SOLO EXHIBITION : Pradarshak Art Gallery, Khar, Mumbai, India ~ 17th Sept to 29th Sept. 2012. 
SOLO EXHIBITION : Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India ~ 12th Feb to 18th Feb 2013. 

Group Exhibition~ KamalNayanBajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India. ~ July 2009. 
Group Exhibition ~ The Leela,Mumbai, India, bet 5th Aug -11th Aug. 2011. 
Group Exhibition ~ Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, 19th Dec to 27th Dec. 2011. 
Group Exhibition ~ Thane Kala Bhavan, Thane West, Mumbai, bet. 26th.Jan - 2nd Feb. 2012. 
Group Exhibition: Tajlands end, Bandra 20th April 2012. 
Group Exhibition ~ Arctic Vision ~ 16th June - 16th July 2012. 
Group Exhibition ~ Cymroza Art gallery, Breachcandy, Mumbai 23rd June - 27th Jun 2012 
Group Exhibition ~ Free Port Exhibition Center, Mer Rouge, Mauritius, An Art and Culture Exhibition, 7th - 16th Sept. 2012. 
Group Exhibition : ARTIC VISION, The Gallery, Off Link Rd, Goregoan West, Mumbai India bet. 18th Oct -2nd Nov. 2012. 
Group Exhibition ~ Jawahar Kala Kendra (Jaipur) bet : 19th - 22nd Oct'2012. 
Group Exhibition ~ (AIFACS) Gallery, New Delhi Paint for Justice, Delhi 8 nov.-14 nov 2012. 
Group Exhibition ~ COOMARASWAMY HALL, Fort, Mumbai from 12th November to 16th November 2012. 
Group Exhibition ~ 27 th Nov.-3rd Dec. 2012 The indian society of International low (Supreme court) New Delhi Paint for Justice 
Group Exhibition ~ Artist Centre, Mumbai 25thFeb – 3rd March 2013. 
Group Exhibition ~ The Viewing Room, Mumbai, bet. 24th May - 29th May 2013. 
Group Exhibition ~ IAF ~ Nehru Centre, Mumbai bet 19th – 22nd Dec. 2013. 
Group Exhibition ~ ANOKHII at Lalitha Kala Academy; Trichur, Kerala, bet January 14th to 18th, 2014. 

Collections : Furniturewalas, 
Merchant entreprises, 
Noshir & Talati 
Manjee Groups 
Whitby Coles~ Britain 
Rupani Art Collectors ~ Canada. 
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Artists Statement : " I prefer to fill my canvases with my love, emotions and energy so viewers can enjoy it for many years later even when i am gone & also Wish to be remembered as an Artist who always SMILED...!!!" 

Copyrights Reserved. Any use of this work in hard or soft copy or transfer, using websites, must be done with the expressed consent of Rukshana Hooda in writing.