Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fire N Ice

My paintings speak of just 1 thing LOVE, UNISION, TOGETHERNESS, LOVE~for me thats life, i am in love with the term "love" thats Oxygen, thats life, I romance with Life & there is a great saying that "LOVE SEES NO FAULTS" as long as there is love in any object, physical being, or a relation we will not be seeing the negativity in it, when love fades, the visibility of negativity is perceived hence it is so important to keep That Love alive & i feel that important elemant is missing all over the world today.....maybe my paintings are sensual, but i dont harp on sexuality, i mean, just togetherness in life, so we grow in life, thats what i had wanted.....each and everyone should be able to do their own thing, there should be space between partners, between ppl and friends there should be trust, there should be respect, & by being together, means exchanging views, understanding, & then to move ahead, not move alone in life.....BUT MOVE AHEAD, towards betterment, progress, helping the environment, ppl around you, hence The World at large. Man is a Social animal, we live in a society, all together, but are not necessarily TOGETHER, differece in views, ideas, thoughts are wonderful as each individual soul helps to come together as ONE whole, with their individuality, nurturing Nature, & my Art Works are totally Abstract, are eco friendly and they speak volumes about nature and environment. For me creativity is all around, its just tht i am not copying Almighty's creation to the dot & the " t",but also am potraying my views along with His creation for a better tomorrow... Its very unfortunate that in Our Beautiful World, there are fights,killings, assasinations, bloodshed, all in the name of The Creator & We are HIS Creation ~ before I reached the Modern Education System I never knew the world is divided according to Colour, Race, Religion, under the same sky, sun, moon & on the same planet !! We are each like individual fish, swimming in a watery world, separate yet connected to each other as the great ocean of consciousness flows through us, so why the discrimination...!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Visual Artists Street Team Gallery: Radha krishna

Visual Artists Street Team Gallery: Radha krishna: "Thanks for spending time with my paintings, Thanks for stopping by......!!
ABOUT THE PAINTING. This is Radha-Krishna, Deities, with a ..."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nostalgia In The Rains

Some Newspaper Clippings in My Recent Exhibition ~ "Nostalgia In The Rains"

With Loved Ones, Family & Friends......

Cherished Moments With The Chairman Leela Groups & his Team, Capt. C.P.Krishnan Iyer

My Daughter Zahra, a Blessing & alwayz ready to help......!!!!!!

My Son Amyn ~ Fashion Photographer, who is always there to click Pics of my Paintings....

It is a Great feeling when your Family, Friends, Loved Ones are all around you, being there for you, encouraging, lending that most needed Morale Boost...!!!!!!

NOSTALGIA IN THE RAIN ~ The Monsoons have a charm of its own, being my Favourite season .
The rain drops falling gives birth to the sprouting of seeds, the beginning of Life, hence, new Beginings, the mystical breeze, the smell of damp mud, the tiny puddles, watching children play, in the rain, at the beach, the river-side, near a river bank, watching the peacock dance, women carrying pots of water, busy with their daily chores, the stunning shades melting & merging in the sky & me watching this Magical Romantic Awesome Season which is so thrilling, I decided to capture it on my Canvas…
ABOUT THE PAINTINGS. There is a series from ~ “Stop Animal & Bird Abuse and Cruelty! Save the Rare species series, Preserve Nature. “ & here is displayed stylised Peacock Feathers, These beautiful birds dance in the rain, showing their colourful feathers, hence this brings to mind a Rain-dance, the Peacock Dance, & the droplets on the feathers . A Fusion of Vibrance of the most Awesome colours in Nature.
The composition of bright colours, bring in positive energy, each colour depicting various moods, as cheerfulness, energy, vigor,(Yellow) serenity, spirituality,(Violet & Purple) Warmth, (Orange) Adventure (Red) Abundence (Green) Peace & Tranquility (White) Passion & Beauty (Pink) Calmness (Blue) gold (wealth) & I also show copper, bronze (Mother earth) as we all owe something in return, our being is a Blessing, we cherish Life, we are indebted for this Tremendous Gift, a responsibility towards ourselves, our families, & society, so it is necessary to save our enviournment & this is the hidden message for all of us ..
Lines by a Famous Fenshui expert Aaron Shuichi Wong : Hanging this (peacock feather) in the house is believed to chase out negative energy .

I beleive every exhibition has changed me for the better, my views about People, family, loved ones, my passion for art which will never die....& that Life has taught me to go on Learning, its an on-going process, as we all Learn, un-learn, re-learn....& i hope to Live in Hearts & Souls of People through my Art-works, My Paintings......!!!!!!

All exhibitions are Unique, they leave an indelible Impression on my Mind, heart & Soul.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

rukshanahooda's photostream

Peacock Feather 12 by 18 11 2 2011Peacock feather 12 by 18Peacock Feather 10 by 12Peacock Feather 8 by 8peacock feather 6 14 by 6 14Peacock feather 1copy
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