Thursday, February 28, 2013

Expressions ~ A National Event & Group Show

Welcoming you all to a National Event & Group Show of Paintings and Sculptures~ "Expressions" by 7 Painters and 1 Sculptor.
 bet. 25th Feb to 3rd March 2013.
Artists ~ Amit Kapoor, Basudeb Biswas, Dalvinder Singi, Dr Vandy, Mansi Khatri, Rukshana Hooda, Shabnam Husain, Sukhvindersingh.
Inauguration by eminent Artist Prithvi Soni @ 5.30pm on the 25th of Feb. 2013.
Venue : Artist's Centre
Ador House, 1st floor.
6-K, Dubash Marg
Kala Ghoda

Gallery Timings : 11 am - 7 pm

Regards and Much Luv
Rukshana Hooda



 All Artists With Prithvi Soni, Madusan Kumar of Artists Centre and Ebraheem Jetha...

                             Diya Ceremony...
                              Artists Amit kapoor, Mansi Khatri, Vandy Jais, Madhusan Kumar, Basudeb Biswas, Ebraheem Jetha, Rukshana Hooda, Dalvinder Singh, Sukhvinder Singh..

               With Prithvi Soni jee, Admiring Art...
                                                 With Prithvi Soni jee and Artist Subrata Sen.....
       Diya Ceremony...

                    All Smiles.....