Friday, September 11, 2009

Many Thanks And Honoured

Today is Thanks Giving for me,
A Day to show my due respects, to all the wonderful Loved one's who have changed my Life, who have Appreciated My Art-Works, who have moulded me, who have helped me get better...
A Humble, Sincere Thank-U Straight from My Heart...


by Rukshana Hooda

Thanks for spending time with my paintings..Thanks for going through...!!!
Ref. No.8049.
Artist. Rukshana Hooda.
Title. Dream.
Category : Painting.
Style. Abstract.
Medium. Acrylics on Cartridge paper.
Year. 9th July 2009.
Size. 11 inches by 15 inches Original.Yes.
Signed by the artist.Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity. Yes.
Location. Mumbai. India.
ABOUT THE Painting : This is an Original Painting, a Dream.. All sizes are in inches only, Copyrights © Reserved.