Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Royal Salute ~ A Memorable Evening that changed me, Happy Hours Workshop ~ 30th. Sept. 2015

An Evening well spent at Happy Hours Workshop, Bandra.

Cerebral Palsy Association of India and Happy Hours Workshop created an event, their artshow to be judged by me, and hopefully i was totally fair and just to the most clear hearted souls, Our Most Loving Angels...!!!
Being with them gives one an opportunity for everyone to show their individual support to people who are differently abled. 

Most of these students have symptoms like
 -Cerebral Palsy
- Mental handicap
- Neurological disabilities
- Down Syndrome
- Hearing and Speech impairment
- Physical impairment, yet teach others to love and live with smiles always...!

Address : Ben Mar Housing Society, Rajaram Wadi, Off Hill Road,
 Bandra(W), Mumbai 400050.

 Activities by them are, Dancing, Singing, Painting and they Create the most decorative bags, art and artefacts, jewellery, envelopes, diyas, book marks, rakhis, gift boxes, and much much more.

Sponsors are required to help them get a platform to sell those highly creative articles which will benefit them to help themselves....!!!


Manjusha Singh, the head in charge originally from Lucknow, had the urge to do something different and was helping the blind, till the 2 year course at NIMH, hyderabad, changed her vision and her entire life. This bubbly, every smiling, very positive lady is totally  dedicated to these wonderful souls at Happy Hours Workshop. She and her caring husband have adopted a daughter Arumima from this workshop itself  and are taking care of all her needs, inclusive of a medical history that required surgery and hospitalization., love and care. Additionally, she has hired a domestic help to be with her all time.

My very Dear School Friend, Salima Kazani, a very cheerful,highly  talented and patient lady,is totally into voluntary service introduced me to this nest and lured me to judge this art event created by them which had children from many schools all over Mumbai and around 97 participating students, with most sincerity, neatness, color aesthetics which would have many wonder in awe...!!! 

Her son Zameer is a student here, who creates the most awesome jewellery, under her guidance.

This event took me so long to check due to their finesse, skill, and color sense which was oh so accurtate.

Happy Hours have to help to keep these wonderful students occupied on a day to day basis, hence have 9 teachers, 54 students all which goes on from 11 am-4pm. Open all days except Sunday.

An Appeal to Friends ~ Do drop by, do share, care, create awareness, these souls need Love, Empathy, Compassion Kindness...!!! 

  The artworks created by them....

 Tough to choose....all so beautifully rendered....!!!

 With Positive, Creative, Wonderful Souls...!!!

 Their Creativity...!!!

Something for all of us to learn....
Their, Concentration, Attention and Discipline whilst reciting the National Anthem....

Where to connect...

You too can help

Their plans for the future are :

(1) A Home away from their home which will look after our Special People when their 

parents are no more.

(2) Extension of our premises to accommodate the many who are on our waiting list.

(3) Purchase of a bus to transport the children to and from their homes.

(4) Establish new departments like printing, file making and weaving.

Let us do our bit. This is a chance to do small things in a great way.


WHAT An Honor to be With Such Lovely Clear Hearted People...!!!

 Felicitation and Award Ceremony.
The Mind Blowing Artworks
With Priya Dutt and Asif Zakaria

Dancing away to bollywood Music...
Bollywood Dances...

 Prize Distribution

 Music Therepy...

The Award Ceremony....

 Thanking all for such powerful, soul stirring  Performances...!!